“I just wanted to say thank you to Russ and your coin store for the great service yesterday with selling a bunch of old coins.  I truly appreciate the service I received from Russ and his knowledge of the coins I brought in.  I was quite happy with the transactions and felt I was treated honestly.  I appreciate businesses like yours.”

“If you are looking for either or both US coins or foreign coins as well as currency and bullion, this is the place.  I rarely find a shop that carries such a wide inventory.  While the shop may seem small on the outside, they have a large inventory and the service is excellent.  I personally met George the owner and he is an extremely knowledgeable numismatist and his employees are friendly and knowledgeable.  If you don’t get to talk with George, Charles, and Russ are just as helpful.  They are fair in both selling and buying and they won’t gouge you…”

“Price something on e-bay and find it at the Coin Market LLC every time for less”

“Great people”

“All the people are really helpful and the selection is enough to make one forget what he initially came looking for…best place around Lynnwood hands down IMO”

“Thank you for all your help-have a Happy Turkey Day”

“Just a note to thank you for your time the other day.  I appreciated you and your expertise!”

“Thank you very much!  George – sincere thanks for helping Janet’s friend…time is money and we all appreciate you & the time you spend helping us.  With great respect…”

“Thanks, Georgie.  Wow!!! I like it.  It’s neat”

“We are happy with the great deals you bring us on bullion and more.  We appreciate your continued finding good, even great, deals for us.”

“This coin shop has very friendly people and a wide selection of coins.  If they don’t have it, just let them know what is on your want list and they will call you when it comes in.  Very impressive and clean shop with the most selection of coins I have seen in one shop since I have been in the Seattle area.”

“When you walk in to this shop you get a feeling that the people in there want to help you with anything you need help with in coin collecting.  They will pay you top dollar for your coins while selling at the lowest price I have seen for coins around here.  I find every thing I need or want here because the inventory is so diverse.  I don’t need to go anywhere else to buy coins.”

“I have been coming to the coin market for about 2 years now.  I am still kinda new to coin collecting and am a big fan of silver bullion.  These guys have always been straight forward and honest with me as I learn.  When the shop is empty I will talk to them shortly about coin grades and other things needed for a novice collector.  They are always willing to teach and help.  They are no nonsense kind of guys from what I have seen are straight forward and right to the point every time.  I would definitely recommend this place.”

“Thank you George.  It’s been fun working with you.  Hope to see you soon”

“I greatly appreciate your honest dealings in your industry”

“The best place to sell your coins, always pay top cash price and fair deal.  I used to go other places, then saw this place on my way to work, had silver dollars and decided to stop by this place.  The price they offered me was 500 more dollars in cash than the place I used to go before.  I will always come here.”

“Having owned a coin shop nearly 30 years ago, I know when someone is being fair.  The owners of The Coin Market are VERY professional and honest.  I have sold them some silver and I have purchased quite a few coins – all transactions were 100% above board….just good old fashioned honest treatment and unbeatable prices.”

“One of the few good coin dealers in the Seattle area.  This shop and Northgate Coin are the only 2 dealers in the area I would be comfortable selling to especially if I didn’t know what my coins were worth.  I have been in the shop many times and have observed them buying from and selling to new/non collectors and they take the time to explain offers, and make sure they are fair.  Also for long time collectors they know coins and will talk coins.”

“I have been in here a few times in the last year to sell them coins.  I have found them to be fair in their price offers, very knowledgeable and friendly, I would highly recommend them.”

“These guys are great to work with, I highly recommend doing business with George and the crew at The Coin Market.”

“I just want to say this is the best coin dealer around, Russ has allowed me to become a more educated buyer just from all the tips I get from him and their deal board has great priced filler coins or just plain great low priced deals.  Why buy on e bay when you have The Coin Market LLC?  Thanks to all of you there.”

“..thank you for the great experience of doing business with you.”

“Most helpful hobby enthusiasts I’ve come across.”

“Thank you for helping me find coins for this memorial.”

“The best coin shop around. I’ve been doing business with the owner of this shop since 1979, I have found him honest and fair”

“I feel like we’ve become friends.”

“…have always found the owner and employees (even on the busiest days) at the Coin Market to be honest and of the highest integrity.”

“Thank you for being such a great part of our 50th anniversary celebration. Our son was very pleased to receive the coins to commemorate the occasion.”

“I have been collecting coins for 55 years, since I was 8, and this is by far the best shop I have ever been in. They are friendly, helpful and the inventory is great.”

“These guys are the honest traders in coins metals and the like. I recommend them to anyone.”

“One of the few good coin dealers in the Seattle area. Fair deals, good knowledge, friendly staff, NO rip-offs.”

“The Coin Market is the only place I go to sell my gold, the staff is very fair, and has great customer service.”

“What impresses me most, is that I am an amateur, “low end” coin collector-I buy inexpensive coins and products and have several times sold silver coins in the $100-200 range – but am always given time and attention as I were a high-volume, high-end customer. Thanks for having a great store and employees who serve their customers well.”

“They gave the best offer (out of 5 other brokers in the area) on a 1894O Morgan Silver Dollar that I’ve had in my family for years.  They were nice and polite.”

“I love the store they usually have rare coins as well as the more common ones which you see quite often and they seem to be fairly priced great place to shop thanks.”

“These guys are nice and fair.  Lots of merchandise always in stock.  Polite, courteous, always give a fair offer on buying coins.  I go in here at least once a week sometime more.  They have so much good stuff at fair prices.  Thanks for being in business, keep up the good work.”

“I discovered these guys a few months ago and am usually there at opening on Tuesdays.  I collect US coins and was for a long time wary about buying coins from dealers, but that worry quickly faded after spending a few minutes with the staff.  There is a lot of stock to choose from, the staff is friendly and knowledgeable (have a good sense of humor too), and their prices are more than fair.  These have been good people to do business with and I look forward to doing more with them in the future.”

“I never shop at any other coin store!  Here, the people are nice, the prices are great, and so is the selection!  Also, they don’t only have coins, they also have supplies!”

“Simply outstanding customer service!!  Buyers or sellers are treated with courteous and prompt attention”

“I visited the Coin Market today.  The dealer is fair and honest.  I sold sterling silver flatware, after calling around I got the most at the Coin Market.  I will deal with these people again.”

“One of the last coin and bullion stores in this area.  They always have a good selection as well as Russ always provides good knowledge about what they have or what you bring to them.”

“Thank you for all the help you have given me.”