Return Policy

What is your return policy?

We guarantee all the coins offered on our website are genuine.  You can return any coin for any reason in original condition within 10 days of the receipt for an immediate refund of the purchase price less any shipping costs. We’d appreciate it if you would let us know by email or phone if you’re returning a coin.  Important: Coin must still be in the crystal clear sealed package. Removal of the coin from the clear package voids any return privilege. Placing any order with The Coin Market, LLC constitutes acceptance of these terms.

Please note: Regarding the photos on our web store, we have done our best to provide you with the best quality photos we can that clearly represent the coin as it exists. Nothing can replace seeing the coin in your hand, but we have attempted to accurately present each coin. We don’t photoshop our coins to make them look better as others sometimes do. We do cut and crop the size of the photos as well as reduce the pixel so they’ll load on all devices and not time out. And we have chosen to use a little less light to help bring out the strike and contact marks which unfortunately slightly reduces the luster as well. We think if you like the photos, you’ll like the coin.

Grading: Grades on raw coins are based on 39+ years of experience. However, no guarantee or warranty express or implied is made regarding what any coin will grade with any 3rd party grading service.  Grades on certified/slab coins are the opinions of the grading companies and not necessarily the grades we would assign.  If a coin has a problem or issue such as cleaning or hairlines, we’ve tried to make that known on the coin holder.  Title remains with The Coin Market LLC until each invoice is paid in full.